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wolficons's Journal

Teen Wolf Icons
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Teen Wolf Icons

This is a place to post Teen Wolf related icons. Anyone can join and post, this is not an elite community.
The Rules

  1. All teaser icons must be related to Teen Wolf or its actors. Please limit yourself to four teaser icons. Do not post non-icon teaser images.
  2. Please tag your posts. If you have a tag request, let us know.
  3. Please link directly to the post the icons are in, not just to your journal url (ie. http://username.livejournal.com).
  4. Please do not link to protected (ie. locked) entries on personal journals or personal graphic communities. It is fine if you want to lock your entries after 36-48 hours after making them, but make sure that the entry is open when you crosspost to here. Any entries that do not abide to this rule will be deleted!
  5. This is an icon community. Please do not post non-icon fan art. (If you crop icons from your wallpaper/manip/etc. then it'd be alright.)
  6. If you wish to promote another community on here, you have to ask one of our mods for permission first. Simply leave a quick comment on the Contact-A-Mod post, and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Any promo posted without permission will be deleted. There are no exceptions to be made.
  7. ABSOLUTELY NO STEALING. If you try and pass someone else's icons off as your own, you'll be banned without further warning.
  8. SPOILER POLICY: Please try to keep your teaser icons as spoiler-free as possible. No icons from an episode may be posted outside an LJ cut until 24 hours after the official air date in the US. Please warn for spoilers for at least one week after the original airdate, and try to keep any plot sensitive images under cuts.